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I'm adventurer Lise, and with an all-female team in tow, I'm bringing to life the incredible stories of history's forgotten female adventurers, by literally walking in their footsteps, using only what was available to them at the time. Throughout history, women adventurers and explorers have been overshadowed by their male counterparts and this project highlights these groundbreaking women's stories and achievements, with the hope to inspire others today. Woman with Altitude can truly show what “the will of a woman can do”.

To fully understand what life would have been like for these female adventurers, I've been following in their footsteps using and wearing only equipment available to them back in their day. This means NO modern expedition gear whatsoever. To date, no one else has re-created these journeys in this way. This is the first time we will truly understand what these women experienced on their remarkable journeys. 

This project raises money for women's charities along the way and supports female adventure guides in the regions we visit.


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