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Elise Wortley x Alone on Channel 4

Female Adventurer Takes on the Ultimate Test of Survival ALONE in Canadian Wilderness For New Channel 4 Series

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This Sunday, 6th August 2023, London based adventurer Elise Wortley will join ten other contestants on TV’s most extreme and uncompromising survival experiment: Alone.

Alone is the ultimate test of endurance and ingenuity, in one of the most beautiful but challenging landscapes on earth. The six-part series will see eleven people dropped into the remote Northern Canadian wilderness, where each must survive entirely alone. Each person must fend for themselves and survive for as long as possible, equipped with only a handful of basic tools, whilst filming their own adventure.

Once dropped at her individual location, with no camera crew, producers, or experts to help, Elise was left to battle the elements, loneliness and starvation, under the constant threat of predators including bears and wolves. Elise will face the ultimate trial of skill, mental strength and resilience in one of the most inhospitable locations on earth - and she must do it alone.

The rules are simple but uncompromising: the last person standing wins £100,000. Elise’s story will unfold as her time in the wilderness reveals her truest self. The series is not just a bare-knuckle survival challenge, but also gives an insight into the human spirit against all the odds.

Elise has previously hit the headlines with her unique take on adventure, following in the footsteps of history’s forgotten female adventurers, using only the equipment available to them at the time. Her ongoing project Woman with Altitude highlights these women who defied societal norms and who were often overlooked compared to their male counterparts, while challenging the traditional narrative of adventurers being fearless and male.

Although her Woman with Altitude adventures have given Elise confidence and a taste of living without modern necessities, Elise went into Alone with no bush craft or survival experience. She was in for a wild ride!

Elise Says:

"I took part in Alone as I couldn't say no to the opportunity to be fully immersed in one of Earth’s last great wildernesses. I've experienced first-hand the benefits of nature on mental health, and I wanted the chance to leave modern life behind and live purely off the land - the most sustainable way to live.

I also wanted to show that all women have a place in the male-dominated outdoor and adventure world. I went into this challenge with no bushcraft or survival experience, I had never used an axe, made a fire without matches, built a shelter or gone fishing. This experience taught me about resilience, self-belief, patience, courage and, of course, myself, who I got to spend an awful lot of time with."


This six-part series is the first UK version of the international survival hit, Alone. Alone is now in its tenth series on the History Channel in the USA, and is a hit in Denmark, Norway Sweden, globally on Netflix and other territories to be announced soon. This is the first time the format has come to the UK.




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