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Elise Alone on Channel 4

Alone UK on channel 4 is officially here!

Elise Alone Channel 4, Elise Wortley, Elise from Alone
Elise from Alone on Channel 4

Hi everyone! I can't believe that Alone is officially here and hitting your screens. Episode 3 has now aired so we are officially halfway through the series. Thank you all so much for your kind words and support.

Alone was the wildest ride I've ever been on! I've done some quite extreme expeditions in the past, but this was by far the most challenging and emotional journey. I had no bush craft or survival experience when I went into Alone, I'd never been fishing, built a shelter or made a fire with a ferro rod before. I did however have a deep desire to be fully immersed in one of earth's last great wildernesses, with the chance to live fully sustainably off the land and to remove my mind from the chaos of modern life. My panic attacks and anxiety are often eased by being in nature, so I wanted to see if I could go into this on a deeper level.

The funny thing for me, after adventuring with no modern equipment, was the luxury I felt in the modern equipment, especially my sleeping bag! I hadn't realised quite how much I'd been hardened by travelling in the vintage equipment with my Woman with Altitude project. It was an incredible feeling each night to crawl into my sleeping bag, even if I was lying on a wobbly homemade stick bed.

Lots of you are keen to know, so here are the 10 items that I took with me into the wilderness on Alone. The list was divided into sections, and you could only choose one or two items from each, so whatever you chose, you were always sacrificing something.

Elise's 10 items for Alone were:

  • Saw

  • Hatchet

  • Knife

  • Paracord (70m)

  • Cooking Pot

  • Gill Net

  • Fishing Line & hooks (25 hooks 300m line)

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Small Bag Mixed Lentils

  • Fire Steel

Thanks for watching, bring on episode 4!

Lise x


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