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My Only Modern Equipment

October 15, 2017


Back when Alexandra David-Néel was in Sikkim, you could travel there freely, and she ended up staying for at least 2 years. Now, due to government restrictions, you can only get an entry permit for 15 days. You can extend this after the 15 days is up, but the route we are taking wont enable us to get back to Gangtok in the South in time to renew it to the maximum 30 days - so 15 it is once we hit the Sikkim border. 


Because of this, and because people have told me I'd be silly not to, I'm allowing myself any modern medicine I may need along the way. Alexandra could afford to get ill for a week at a time, but I can't, so I'm going to be taking precautions where I can.


Here are all the modern medical items I'll have with me:


Inhaler (I really need this)


Chlorine tablets for water 


Re-hydration Salts

Antiseptic Wipes








Cold Sore Cream (I get these badly) 

Hand Sanitiser 



I will also be carrying "emergency warmth" as I like to call it. 


It can get very cold at 5000m, sometimes we are talking minus 15 degrees. Due to this, and because everyone likes to be safe, I'll have an emergency jacket and sleeping bag to hand, as well as heat packs and gloves... But I'm hoping it wont come to that...


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