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A Poem about Alexandra

It was National Poetry Day last week, and while I was relentlessly googling Alexandra David-Néel like usual, I stumbled across a really beautiful poem about her by poet and fellow David-Néel enthusiast Alexandra Carr-Malcolm.

I contacted Alex and told her all about my expedition and how I had found her poem. Like so many people I've contacted out of the blue throughout this project, she was so incredibly enthusiastic and supportive, and was kind enough to let me share her poem on this blog. So here it is...enjoy! (The photo is of both of them in their late teens - how similar do they look!)

Alexandra Carr-Malcolm and Alexandra David-Neel

Alexandra David-Néel by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

We walked the same walk, along the same path, the middle one, showing the way. Travelled beyond the stars, to a life without bars, no run-of-the-mill protégée.

An affinity to trees, writing anarchist treatise, both maternally shunned in our prime. You travelled the world, whilst I stayed at home, both women misplaced out of time.

Born ninety-seven years and one day before me, we share more than a Scorpius sting. Through our Buddhist eyes, we gazed on the world, with opera and poetry we sing.

Alex is a practicing Buddhist and it's clear to see that there are many similarities between her and Alexandra David-Néel that go beyond sharing the same name!

You can read more of Alex's poetry on her blog, Worldy Winds.

Thanks again Alex!


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