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There are only 4 days until we leave for India and there is still SO much to do!

As my friends have probably noticed, I am extremely stressed as there are so many last minute changes and things that could potentially go wrong on this big adventure.

I think it's probably best if I share with you what it is I'm dealing with here, and what I still have to do before Wednesday:

-Last minute permit changes mean we have to change the route...AGAIN!

-Finish building the chairpack (backpack)

-Finish building the tent

-Find another pair of sunglasses from 1911

-Dig out my lantern and candles

-Buy an emergency sleeping bag

-Find a kettle and wooden bowl

-Re-fill my medical kit

-Buy solar chargers

-Collect my hat and wooden sunglasses

-Get my hands on some yak wool socks and gloves

-Finish all my normal work at work

-Pack (and get everything to fit in 2 bags, including the tent and backpack)

-Organise meeting my guide in India

-Buy presents for the people in India who have helped me organise this trip

It's so hard to juggle everything but I will get there in the end! On the plus side my Dad sent me some of his homemade raspberry vodka which he made using his homegrown raspberries - this has made me feel much better. I'll be taking it with me in case of an emergency stressful situation or a very cold night!

I'm not going to lie, I've already had a few swigs...

Elise Wortley's homemade Vodka


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