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10 Things I Didn't Fully Appreciate About a Warm Bed

Elise Wortley's final night in a warm bed. Photo by Emily Almond-Barr

We were now in Lachen, the sun had set, the dahl had been eaten and it was nearly time for bed. We were at 2700m so it was cold, especially at night, and I just couldn't bring myself to take off my RAB jacket even though I knew that after tonight, it would be bye bye RAB, hello traditional wool.

After some last minute basket attaching to the chairpack, and sewing some extra warm fur to my hat, it was time for bed. We knew this would be our last "mattressed" bed for a while, but I don't think we quite appreciated it as much as we should have.

Here are the 10 things I definitely wasn’t fully thankful for during my blissful last night in a bed:

1. My feet were warm

2. My body was warm

3. I had a mattress to lie on so my hips didn't hurt

4. I could wriggle all I wanted without the cold getting in

5. I could cuddle the warm fluffy duvet

6. I had a lovely soft pillow

7. The sheets smelt (and were) clean

8. My skin was clean and didn't itch

9. I woke up dry

10. I managed to sleep quite a lot of the night

If only I'd known what was coming my way...

However, it seems that I had other worries on my mind that night, especially about my clothing situation. Here’s a little exert from the diary I kept during the trip:

Dreading the moment I have to wear the “outfit” tomorrow. I don’t feel like I can deal with all the looks. I just tried the whole thing on and felt like a complete idiot, so I’m wearing half to dinner to get used to it. RABBY jacket is still firmly on, I don’t want to say goodbye to it.


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